Ancient Hebrew sheds clarity on the Bible

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Path to a better learning

In my journey to better and further understand the Way that YHVH left us I came across Ancient Hebrew. It’s history and some interesting facts quickly attracted my attention. It was also naturally so, because you’re going to be interested in the original language the Bible was written down prior to Babylonian captivity.

Soon after I had a listen to Jeff Benner and was very happy that someone has gathered all these useful things in such a way. Furthermore, the great thing is how it makes perfect sense. Names, expressions and other words are very clear without the latter reforms and influences.

Ancient Hebrew script

It’s basically where all modern alphabets come from. Since it is a foundation of writing systems of both eastern and western nations. Those letters are also things and objects. Each has its sound and together the make a word. Meaning of words also depends pf the meaning of the each individual letter.

Ancient Hebrew chart

So you can se how the letters also have their own little story as well. The combination of them adds a whole sentence worth of explanation within one word. That’s why the whole translation versions talk. Especially with version in English that has the most of the versions pretty much. 

Modern Hebrew

Today the official script in use is the Aramaic one. Taken in during the Babylonian captivity. Basically the ones that returned to Israel after being granted the permission to do so were already using the Babylonian elements in their culture. Including the official script. There is some evidence that suggests that the original Hebrew writing was still in use long after that. Although it was mainly by scholars and other historical-based roles in the community.

Some centuries after, and a couple of adjustments to Aramaic script in Hebrew ( such as nikkud- the little dots) we pretty much got the Hebrew we see today.

Effect it had on the Tanakh-Bible

Jeff Benner explains that while adopting a new script, Israelites transliterated all the stuff from the previous one. Some call it Paleo Hebrew or Ancient Hebrew and so on. Since it was fairly easy to do it based on the common bond and origin it seems that it went pretty smooth. Except that a lot of things lost the clarity and meaning as well. Even more so later on with the use of nikkud that changed the way letters are used.

Transliterations sounded the same, but they lost that little story telling among the letters I mentioned before. I mean, lets go with the most obvious, although they kind of all are. Take for example the letter T and K ( Tav and Kaf). You can take a look at the chart above. The mark/ sign/ covenant a cross TAV, and the palm of hand/ open KAF.

Note the little hole in the wrist as well. Was Yeshua the Hand of YHVH, on the cross? Confirming the covenant, opening the Way and marking us? I mean c’mon, anyone can see the story here just in these two letters. Not to mention all the stuff written with them.

Some useful tips to get started

It works fine with the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible, and if you get the Strong’s exhaustive concordance to help you keep track of things better. There are other books as well that are published by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center (AHRC) that are very useful. Jeff Benner does videos and teachings himself so it’s good to have a go with those, but also if you can find some groups that do studies on it. Although not many do today, and of some that do, I don’t agree with all they do in general. Anyways this specific teachings and comparation in the search can’t hurt. So have a look around.

The Ancient Hebrew Research Center link is here: click the link 

It has been the most exciting experience for me and a serious breakthrough. Many unanswered questions simply became answered once we look at the Bible from this original perspective. I have a lot more to learn of course, and it’s just the start for me. However, this is one of the most crucial moments in my journey of faith in YHVH and the Messiah Yahushua so I feel it’s very important to share. It had a very profound and deep impact on everything.

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