Black Hebrew Cult

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The more you get into the research about the Way, you will often come across a group of people talking about Zion, Israel, Yeshua and how Jews accept him, coming back and so on. Sounds good at first, but then you get into the writings or have a listen to what they’re saying, and it immediately turns into crazy talk. One of these crazy talks is about black Hebrews/Israelites.

It quickly becomes clear that these groups are somehow even racist, and that the whole Israelite thing is just a front for their political/race agenda.


It is (as it says on the picture above) very well described in the Holy Scripture in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Real black Jews for real

Mind that there really are some black people originating from the real Jews or tribes of Israel. Like some communities in Ethiopia for example, and similar. Or more recent individuals who are of a mixed marriage and so on. That’s something else.

Different types of these groups

Some are more in Judaism than Christianity, but then have this whole cult like aspect in them. Some are very nationalistic, and even extreme in their act. Then there are some that are like Christians but then still have all this black Jews nonsense to brainwash themselves.

Many of these started in USA of course. Like the majority of crazy, weird cult stuff. Not that the other places didn’t have it, but USA has developed a special kind of deranged preachers, and styles never seen before. Especially in the last 100 years or so.

Jews are not blacks originally

That’s the whole point. Not only Jews, but Israelites, and then the other Semitic people such as Arabs, Assyrians, Canaanites and so on (even indigenous people of Malta) are NOT what we say is black. Black nations lived from about Nubia, to South and Central Africa, and haven’t had North Africa as their home. There were mercenaries, and slaves of course, but not nations living in that area. Not to mention Near East. That’s really out of the way for black people of Africa.

Semitic, Mediterranean and other Eastern people are what they are. I don’t have to explain how they look like, you can see it and look it up yourself. It’s just that they’re not black.

Israel is in ISRAEL, not in Central Africa. Or anywhere else for that matter. They weren’t English looking people as well as they’re portrayed often by the media and art. Simple.

It’s just one of the cults that certain spirits fuel and keep alive


Ancient Jewish depiction of the events in Israel’s history. Found at a more that 1400 years old Roman church. Believed to be taken off of an earlier Jewish object in Israel.

Abraham, Sarah and genetics

As the first Jews so to say, they come from todays area of Iraq. If we see and compare many DNA testing that is done on these populations, but also the Jewish communities themselves, we can see that they share a lot of markers and characteristics. Which isn’t the case for black people who have their own distinct set of haplotypes and markers.

Same as any other population in the world. Chinese, Indian or any other… We can’t say that they’re Jews. Simply because they may say so. Israel wasn’t in China, so…

Jewish origin could in fact be established for some communities in Ethiopia for example. Because of those same facts in DNA genealogy.

No one ever depicted Jews as black people, you can see it in archeological evidence that is left behind today.

Egyptians weren’t black as well

If you’re unable to spot, the depictions of Egyptians show them as of the middle eastern appearance. Many of these black Jews stories hooks onto an imaginary black Egypt argument and picks up from there. Egypt as a cousin branch to Near Eastern nations wasn’t a black nation. Records, depictions, monuments and other historical sources and documents clearly show this. For someone to not see this their mind has to be clouded with some serious problems, or possession.

As you can see they look more-less Middle Eastern.


Again they portray themselves as they were.


In conclusion

Of course this doesn’t meant that the catholic pictures of the Borgia maniac posing as Jesus Christ are true and legit. Or the movie industry ones. This is just to clarify the situation in which someone claims lies. If God says and shows you one thing before you, and keeps showing you and yet you refuse to listen, then Satan has you. That’s what happens to these cults, and how they’re made to be.

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