Dangers of esoteric teachings

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Dangerous practices

There are many forms of spiritualist, and esoteric meditation practices today. Most of them came onto the scene during the beginning of the so called New Age. That has a goal to promote Asian, and Eastern paganism in a form of something “different” and cool. Various bands and leading world artists embraced these teachings and began promoting them. Making them become widely accepted and practiced by the growing number of organisations, gurus, cults and so on.

It had a goal to be the next big thing to combat the law of God, and to lead many people to damnation. Bounding them to serve Satan. Even worse part of this is that the whole movement in all of its versions has one thing in common. Demonic possession and doctrine. So you either become possessed, start living and doing demonic agenda or both.

The occult/esoteric world is creating people to think and feel like the enemies of God. Although, majority of those caught up in it aren’t even aware of it because they’re lied to. They are not given a chance to hear the real truth and decide but are rather brainwashed and lured into the lie of spirits and demons. Then, there are those higher up in the esoteric (inside) circles that know what’s going on fairly well, but they’re simply sellouts to spirits in exchange for material and whatever they want.

They are the servants who are used to promote and undermine the systems of nations to inject this demonic agenda into the culture. Many of them are doing it for wealth, but also for power. It all comes down to evil and greed they feed.

They want to make you believe you look like this
While in reality you look like this

Attack on Christianity

Since the early days occultists and other servants of Satan are trying to undermine the faithful and drag as much as possible of them away from knowing the real Lord. We read about it in Babel, and even before the flood. The most known example however is the Satan with Adam and Eve, at the fall of mankind.

If you look at what the serpent did, then it sums up all other activities and explains the agenda of the New Age/Spiritualism/Occult perfectly. It claims:

  • God is a liar
  • Sin is good
  • You won’t die
  • God is trying to prevent you from advancing
  • YOU can become like God
  • Make others to do so as well
  • God’s word is not the law (make your own will and way)

While God says:

  • “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:31-32
  • Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.- James 4:17
  •  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.- Romans 6:23
  • For I know the plans that I have in mind for you,” declares Adonai, “plans for shalom and not calamity—to give you a future and a hope.- Jeremiah29:11
  • There is no one like You among the gods, O Lord, Nor are there any works like Yours.- Jeremiah 10:7
  • But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”– Matthew 16:23
  • Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.– John 17:17

Successful corruption of churches

This is really a sum up of the fight we are facing today where many churches have been corrupted for ages. New ones are springing up from the old corrupted ones, only to become the ever more corrupt. The Reformation movement was cut to the core. So called protestants or Emerging Church are the worst liberals now a days, and those pockets of them that aren’t have become cult like and cut off from faith and love of God. Focusing on doctrines, and nationality, perversion of truth, pondering into the Scripture to find life while refusing to come to the real God… They don’t even know the difference between two days of the week… And that is the result of this. Cut off from God.

I won’t even go into the earliest corruption of the churches and the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and so on, in this article.

I still haven’t found one church that would if I open the Bible and compare have the faith and love and life in the Way as it is said inside. It’s all one half pagan, other half social club for arrogant infidel rich people or those wanting money from the rich. Simple as that. One church I haven’t come upon like that. It was all individual believers who are cast out from established churches grouping up finding others to talk to. Because the corruption will go total. They will cast you out of assemblies.

They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.- John 16:2

It is already that time, and it gets worse as they get more “liberal” they will get more aggressive. So as God says, killing will increase as well along the way. We’ve witnessed a lot of this in the Muslim world, but it’s coming to the western world now as well.

Prevention of Christianity

So as we’ve seen, one goal is to attack the already formed churches. The other is to prevent people to even hear about God and believe. Sexual promiscuity, lawlessness, crime, drugs, evil doing revolving around money, slavery, violence and so on. Used in music, popular culture, NGO, politics. The economy plays a major role in this as well. Refusing the products having to do with God because the leading bosses are dictating it, then clubs, hospitality play along the already planned and established system in place further embracing and promoting perversion.

Sell you smokes, make you gamble, offering prostitutes, idolatry, parties, music with the demonic agenda, hidden messages, shirts, houses, promoting artists who are ordered what to do, cults, having people from various occult organizations to run things. In other words the economy is a tool to bring what is planned to deliverance to the masses. What did the rebellious Israel do when Moses was up the mountain. They started the idol worship. So they then they started the production of idols from materials. So in a small picture we can see how the corruption leads to production and consumption.

If you look around it is a very secular world. Secular means unfaithful, unbelieving, separated from God, and as we’ve seen from the above directly how the Serpent wants. As it tricked Adam and Eve it tricked billions of their offspring as well. It’s even present in the world of sports. Logos, various meditation techniques, gurus, and professionals giving themselves away to the occult to achieve results or to find their peace and so on.

Mainstream craziness

We’ve seen that every year brings about some new craze people blindly follow. For example, there was a sleeping yoga recently where people go and stretch and then sleep for 45 minutes to rest from their jobs. Making them dumb. Or beer yoga, even worse… Anyway, one of the most present (if not THE most) version of this spiritualism in the low level mundane world is yoga teachings. They’re opening the points on their body to receive energy and as they say to worship the divine… To come in them and through them in a bid to awake the snake energy in their body which will lead them to the enlightenment.

What a load of satanic rubbish that is. In fact what they’re doing is letting themselves be possessed by demons and get a Satanic serpent energy. They learned this from the demons back in a day after the tower of Babel. They don’t even try to explain to the ordinary people, why the serpent. It’s flat out satanic. While ordinary people don’t bother to ask. They just like to feel cool and accepted. “Hey look I’m doing yoga, I’m so advanced and awesome” – trying to perfect themselves to become as God. Old serpent tale.

Then you have astrology, and all these mages and tarot cards, and things available to the general public. Paganism started to become even more prominent in recent years and there are numerous organizations worshiping gods and such. Satanic churches, coming to school to get the prayer and God out of the education. All perfectly legal and approved by the rulers of nations. They see no problem with it, but acknowledge it in fact.

Then there’s promotions of various perversions such as homosexuals, swingers, prostitution… Hitting on the sexual desires and fantasies that are like drug. People become addicted, it’s like a slave on a chain of those controlling it and so on. Main thing is that the real people behind it are usually unseen, and if they are seen they’re not known as such.

Rule of Liberalism

All of these things affect and shake the whole governments and nations. They’ve become as a powerful army powering through the world imposing its rule. They all agree in one thing. That the Bible is to be avoided, and they themselves are running away from it. Most of these esoteric things will preach nice things, sweet to the ear. They will use words such as harmony, positivity, love, unity, relaxation, higher state of consciousness, meditation and so on. While trying to get you to participate in those practices and become possessed and troubled. Even then they will blame you, like the problem is in yourself somehow and not that it is their demonic practices.  Not having done the exercises properly, or you are too inexperienced, not advanced enough etc. Hiding the truth, that you’re being demonically possessed.

America is built upon Freemasonic Satan worship and is used as the primary factor in spreading a huge part of it because of its enormous cultural influence
It's a demonic teaching
Meditation leads to spirit possession and torment

How to get out of it

The only way out is through God. NO other way. If you try different things it is just a same thing different package. Get the Bible, get the Word of God, pray to Him, find a person who believes or pray to God to send you the right person to instruct you in the Way. Get baptised and take the salvation offered to you so gracefully. Only then shall you get out of it , and God will banish the demons tormenting you.

Be careful though, churches you’ll find around where you live are most probably into this corruption as well. There’s been a whole army assembled by the Catholic Church to combat Christianity undercover. SO churches are most probably corrupt. Ask for a teacher, ask fora disciple of God who lives in the Messiah Jesus. Those are the right people.



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