Duterte against the West

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First he turns away from West

President Duterte rages on the hypocrisy of West and starts distancing himself away from their structures. Note that Philippines was a Spanish and then an American claimed colony. So, under the paws of Western Empire for a long time. They won’t give it away that easy.

So he’s clearly angry at the schemes going behind his back. We know how the political world with it current antichrist propaganda is presenting itself to be democratic and free on the outside, but sneaky and evil on the inside. Even flat out ignoring the evil for the sake of not breaking the role.

They need to keep this appearance and keep it going. Even when using depleted uranium, tons of it. When there’re striking women and children with drones, and jets they fire their bombs and rockets from and so on.

Strong-arming and pressure heats up


Obama answers to the situation with Duterte. He notes that he has also blamed and insulted the pontiff of Rome, the pope. Duterte wanted Philippines to be free from these powers of the Babylon. He has his own understanding and isn’t without wrongs. Language and so on, is clearly a sin; but he had seen something in this secret world. Something that made him angry, and decisive in leaving this coalition of evil. We know who runs the Western Empire and why already. SO that might be the reason for his emotionally charged refusal to be in with these guys.

Philippines are hit with offers, conditions, and threats. The terrorist activity heats up.


You don’t want USA? Isis pays a visit.

He speaks about keeping the dignity of his lands and not falling for humiliation tactics. 

ISIS then joins the fight and declares support for these jihadists. 

This all led to Duterte declaring the martial law in the Philippines. The war started. They start doing beheadings, shootouts, propaganda videos and recruiting. ISIS quickly threatens to take over the whole part of the country.

These are Wahhabi groups, the religious branch of Saudi Arabia, who is the ally to the West. You get it? 

Wahhabi movement spread to Bosnia, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, Russia, and more. All the way to Philippines. It is used as a leverage whenever someone is not playing as the west plays. Funding is done through Saudi Arabia, who funnels billions in money, personnel, equipment and infrastructure in order to spread jihad into these countries. Don’t forget that it is funded in the already Muslim countries to get the support, base and soldiers as well as in the western countries. Radicalising the Muslim population further and used to keep the servant countries/rulers in line.


Of course funded by the world wide empire .


The system of Babylon the Great is a very strict system. It doesn’t forgive, doesn’t know love. It is a very dictatorial, deceitful and brutal.

So the jihadists are gaining power in the way that is quite interesting. First USA and its puppets destabilise, or overthrow a certain government and then these guys show up. Express jihad delivery to your door.

Captured material and weapons


Some neighbourly support from Indonesia
Army in action


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