Inner circle of Catholicism Lucifer worship

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The base of Vatican/Catholicism


Is the Babylonian religion. Rome (Vatican) inherited everything from Greeks and Egypt, who inherited their systems from Babylon and Persia. Everything within the satanic global religious system that is formed to this day. If you look at the book of Daniel 2, the statue, the vision describes this.

The modern world is governed by the Mystery Babylon. It is a world-wide one religion movement who has different deities and prophets worshipped, but who are all under the one god-emperor in Rome, that is Vatican. If you don’t believe this try reading about the ecumenical movement, the origins of Catholicism/Rome, and Mystery Babylon. God himself reveals to us that the end of the world is coming with the end of this world governing system. In the book of Revelation 17.

The nature of Vatican


It is a outside and inside concept. Duality. For the masses and the initiated. If we look at Roman Empire for example this was also the case. Keep in mind that it is a part of Babylon the Great as well. They had an open religion (gods, goddesses ) and a secret religion for the initiated (Mithraism, hermetics etc. ) Each member of the public had the official religion/cult they worshipped, and (if initiated) a membership in a secret circle. Most prominent was Mithraism at one point. Which is again the antichrist story as well. These things will come under different names and some details (depending on time and culture), but they will be based on the same concept, and stem out of the root of Babylon.

So the nature of Vatican is the same. Basically, the teaching that man can become god. Straight out of Babylon and its kings before them. They have a ruler, the office of Pointifex Maximus that is claiming godhood. People worship the one sitting in that office, and he exalts himself over all humanity. Therefore, he can’t be governed by any human authority and has to have his own state. The title was held by Gaius Julius Cesar, Emperor Nero, Constantine and others. 

Pontifex Maximus and the world today


This title was taken into Rome guess from where Babylon again. It was the most powerful state for a long time and everyone copied it in all aspects. Similar to USA now, and the Roman Empire once they inherited the dominant place in this system. Today’s world order is the culmination of all empires that came before. It has all their characteristics combined. As shown in the statue vision, but also explained further in Daniel 7.

The current political system is based on military dictatorship, administration, democracy, religious concept of outside and inside, philosophy, humanism, glorifying man etc. Something out of each of these systems.

So Vatican dictates who does what in all countries pretty much. Within the authority given to him. He is just a man after all and the ones they’re serving are spiritual. There are spirits and evil forces directly under Satan who also govern these things and people in them. Politicians of the world go to pay allegiance to him and bow down, wearing black. It has it’s secret army and military orders that act as anything needed. From trades, to banking to politics and religion. Everything needed towards the total revealing of the one world government. Never seen before, in that glory. If you study the Holy Scripture you know this even better.

The Light Bringer/Lucifer and their system


It is Satan, or Lucifer in Latin. Because they regard him as the one who brought light and wisdom to humans. The first sin, wasn’t a sin to them, but they say God made a mistake.
The main goal of the luciferian systems is to make men into gods. We can see this in Freemasonry, Hermeticism and other versions of this teaching. Promoting the so-called enlightenment, achieving the godly potential, perfection of humanity, the next level and similar.

Or the religions like Mormons, or Scientology and others formed by occultist for this same purpose of preparing the coming of the antichrist. While presenting themselves as Christians. They are formed with the goal to deceive and confuse. Especially those heading towards Yeshua the Messiah. Steering them away into the occult false copies.

Luciferian agenda is to mass produce these cults and religions. Making it seem like diversity, adding to confusion and hiding the snake in the grass better. That’s on the outside. On the inside is coordinating the world politics, religion, culture and wealth while worshipping Satan. Whom they present as the good guy, that brought light to them, and wisdom.


Catholic- broad way to destruction


From Greek “katholikos” to Latin “catholicus” to catholic in English. Meaning:

diverse, all-inclusive, wide, broad, universal, all-embracing, all-encompassing, liberal 

The opposite of it is : narrow 

In comparison, God says:

 Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. – Matthew 7:13-14 

You see the point here? I mean just this here is enough for those who have the ears to hear.

Interesting fact: By the way, this is where the name of the blog/ministry comes from. 

Then there’s this oath:

jesuit oath full
Everything in this oath is ungodly and unclean. Contradiction to the One True God

This oath is taken by the Vatican Catholic army. Every soldier within it has to take this oath and then there are further steps. It all leads to demonic possession, through breaking of the human servant into total submission. They’re led by the Black Pope. These guys run the business of the Vatican and handle everything stated. They’re like the biggest secret service in the world.



It is a huge network. Ruled with an iron fist.

The rise of the antichrist


The time is coming when it’s going to be illegal to practice Christianity outside of the Church. Meaning real Christians will be persecuted for not accepting to be a part of the antichrist system. God clearly talks about this over and over again. They will use excuses of peace and stability to take over the nations. 

This is a step towards deceiving people to not take the Bible literally and to not obey God through the reveled knowledge and instructions in the Bible. Furthermore, they should listen and respect the church as a humanistic organisation. That worships Satan and the antichrist.


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