Islam and its teachings

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Is Islam a religion of peace


Simply put, no. Although we can say that there is a difference in labeling every person you know is a Muslim as a devout Islamist, and the actual teachings of Islam. Like any religion, Islam has a teaching, and the different levels of devotion from its members. So I’ll go into what Islam teaches as a religion. Not into what every Muslim friend we have is like. There is a difference as I said, so keep that in mind while reading on.

Islam is essentially a militant religious/political system. Islamic teaching comes from the Kuran (Quran) and the Hadiths. Muhammad, the founder of this religion fought in many battles himself. Close to thirty. It is said that he sent out a jihadi army somewhere every 2 months. Often fighting alongside them. Islam basically teaches that war is waged on infidels until they’re one of three things:

  • Muslim converts
  • Paying the jizya (non-Muslim tax)
  • Dead

First is to enter Islam by religion (to become Muslim). Second is to enter the Islamic social aspect by submission (paying an infidel tax- jizya), and third is to be wiped out and destroyed. Now, without the caliphate, Muslims can wage a defensive jihad. Caliph calls for an offensive one.

Jesus’ return


Islam has Jesus in its teachings. However, it is not the Jesus the Son of God whom we read about in the Bible. It is a different Jesus. Not the Lord Almighty Himself. They believe that their version of Jesus is a Muslim prophet and nothing else. Although it is said that he’s the Messiah, and the Word of God, the difference is there. You must be vigilant for these details, and don’t allow anyone to trick you.

According to Islam Jesus is coming back. Muslims are required to wage jihad until he does. Then, those that are paying the jizya (the non-Muslim tax) are either gonna become Muslims or they die. Jizya is to be allowed only in the meantime.

False Jesus preached


It’s time to get real with your faith, or you’re gonna be deceived. Many have been so far. Let’s take a look at what’s written in the Holy Scripture (Bible) about false Jesus.

 and I fear that somehow your minds may be seduced away from simple and pure devotion to the Messiah, just as Havah was deceived by the serpent and his craftiness. 

For if someone comes and tells you about some other Yeshua than the one we told you about, or if you receive a spirit different from the one you received or accept some so-called “good news” different from the Good News you already accepted, you bear with him well enough!

2 Corinthians 11:3-4 

So be careful, and learn. If you’re a follower of Jesus the Messiah, you should be growing in faith and recognise the lies. Of course with the help of the living God, who gives you the Holy Spirit to help.

The violent part


So the violence in Islam is characterised as jihad. The holy war for faith and the god they follow. It’s mainly directed against Christians and Jews, but also against pagans and atheists. Numerous Islamic sources testify to this, although many Muslims are deceived into thinking this isn’t true. Because, as we said, the people (Muslims) are one thing, the actual teaching is another.

You can often hear that terrorists aren’t real Muslims. Furthermore, that Jihad that they’re waging isn’t real Islam. Many Muslims honestly believe that, and so they’re taught. However, if we take a look at the Islamic TEACHING, we will see a completely different message.


Islam commands Muslims to follow the example of Muhammad who narrated these verses, and the Hadiths are a further description of his life. Extremely violent stuff. One of the reasons many Muslims won’t follow these teachings. Because of their conscience, that God put into every human heart. They simply feel that the evil is too much for them to bear.

Former Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi  explains: 



The Context argument


We can often hear that Muslim response to these things is that it was a different context then. That the Muslims were defending themselves, and therefore those verses were written. However, if you truly investigate you can clearly see that it is simply not true. Muslim expansion has been nothing but aggressive. All the way into the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Verses about violence taken out of context is also a very frequent response by Muslims. Simple answer to this matter is that there is no possible way to take all these things out of context. It is very clear and direct instruction to simply kill and submit the whole world to Islam. What context?!

Chapter 9 is the most violent chapter in the Quran. Violence really reaches its peak there. In it is the famous part (verse 111) that says that a reason someone is a Muslim is to slay in battle and be slain. So to kill and be killed.

Peaceful verses


Yes there are. Islam’s message goes from peaceful in the beginning to more violent as Mohammad gained power, to extremely violent at the end. It just keeps getting worse. Some have even broken down this into 3 steps of Islam expansion. From start to finish in countries where Muslims start from minority to majority.

Keep in mind that the chapters in Quran are not chronologically set. In other words, not by timeline of events, but rather by the size of the chapter.

The Hadiths, which are used to interpret the tradition of Islam describe the life of Muhammad. They’re also the base for Sharia law. They contain peaceful parts, and the hateful violent ones. So jihadis are pointing to those parts, and the peaceful ones are pointing to other ones. Therefore the confusion about what Islam really is. Many Muslims truly believe it is peaceful, because they rely on those telling them this, who picked these parts.

In Islam people rarely study the sources themselves. They actually rely on what the religious leaders will tell them most of the time. This is one of the main differences with Christians who are commanded to know the Holy Scripture themselves by heart. To know God, and make decisions personally in close relation to our Creator, the Holy Almighty God.

The expansion of Islam


Each new Caliph has an obligation to show how well he takes jihad to the unbelievers. So after Muhammad dies, Muslims conquer about a third of the then known world.

This little dynamic map has a nice overview of the expansion of the jihad war machine. Note that battles and the spread of religion don’t always go together. Jihad always goes forth while Islam conversion follows.



Islam goes out of Arabia and keeps killing and enslaving Christians as well as others. Jihad destroys almost everything from the eastern gatherings of Christians, and proceeds into Europe. After it was done with Spain and Near East, it goes to Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria towards central Europe.


Crusades (as a kind of a response to the earlier conquest) last for a short time and fail. Nothing was really accomplished apart from occult agenda of Rome. But that’s another topic. Has nothing to do with Christianity, because those orders were never Christian in the first place. Anyway, they were a far few compared to the earlier, older massive jihad, that outlived them; and keeps spreading to this day. While crusades ended in a few failed attempts.

Jihad stars earlier, is way more massive and bigger, and continues long after the crusades.

Furthermore Islam spreads into Asia, and Africa enslaving millions. Killing even more. It takes children from the non-Muslim population submitted and trains them as Muslim soldiers for the Caliph. It also opens one of the biggest slave markets ever. 


Wait, slavery?


Oh yeah, and institutionalised. Prescribed for the whole world. Remember, the goal of Islam is a total world domination. So this isn’t just for one country or a particular territory. It’s for all.

Who knows these things better than this guy right?
Still the same today as before

Straight out of the Islamic teaching. 


Final word about this


If you’re a Muslim reading this. I encourage you to be diligent and investigate these matters. Again, this isn’t anything against anyone. I am simply showing you the facts. That you’ve been deceived; and I call you to wake up, open your eyes and ears and hear the Word of the Living God. 

The Word of God Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah who died for you. So you could be saved. It is a personal faith, no one is instructing you to join a church, or a religion of any kind. Simply ask God to forgive you and give you love, peace and comfort. Ask Jesus to show you, to reach out and remove your pain. Seek Him and He will find you.

Real Jesus the Messiah rose again from the dead, and lives. He is the Word of God.

Quran even states that Jesus is the Messiah and the Word of God, but then goes on to give false information and contradictions. But ask yourself this: If Jesus is the Word of God is he a creation, or a creator? 

Word of God can’t be created. Therefore Jesus has to be God. Even though the Quran says Jesus was just a prophet. It’s a contradiction. The demonic powers behind the creation of this religion were inconsistent with itself. Making many contradictions. While the Bible is free of those. Because it is a preserved account of God. 

I call to you, and I will do anything needed to help you find the truth on this website in full confidentiality, regarding the faith in the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth. We have groups, chat, everything. 



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