Roman Catholic Church- Paganism and Politics

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The doctrine of Roman Catholic Church

The doctrine is totally not in accordance with God. It is the only religion in the world today that promotes having a political and spiritual authority that runs the whole world in this way. That is, the so called pope. Otherwise known as Pontifex Maximus. Which is the real official title. Meaning of this title is the along the lines of “bridge/gateway to God”. What is actually the only one Jesus the Messiah of Nazareth. Replacement of Jesus is the antichrist. But let’s see how…

One of the other titles is Vicarius Christi (vicar of Christ). Meaning: the replacement of Christ or in the place of Christ. What is supposed to be done by the Holy Spirit, NOT a poser, a man. So any man claiming this is the ANTICHRIST. Simply.

Another one of the titles is Holy Father, what is representing God. That’s right, the office of pope is effectively claiming to not only be the antichrist but all three aspects of God. The real God.

These titles aren’t new. they are used by the Roman emperors for ages and go back to the first satanic Empire after the flood. Babylon. Again, that’s right, origins are there. 

Other aspects of doctrine include, inside and outside knowledge, priesthood for both, secret orders, secret intelligence gathering, banking, financing fascists around the world and so on. This church is actually a political entity, with an emperor and clear goal of world dominance.

It’s a state not a church

It has its own government, state, ambassadors, finance land and so on. The little tiny state of Vatican is there because by the Roman doctrine. Emperor can’t be below any human authority. So therefore he needs to have his own state. So the followers of this entity are worshipping the pope and idols they issue, while claiming allegiance to this political-religious system.

Imagine having a country somewhere that has a world domination ideology, and more than a billion followers around the world. Then imagine it has a vast secret service present in every government in the world for centuries. Then imagine that that state says that only way to get a shot at heaven is to listen to this tiny state, and do exactly as it says.

Furthermore, the state says that it is representing God, and has a history of killing people who wanted to check that. they have priests and temples in any major city in the world. Also, this state has its banks that control all other banks who control all other major companies who control governments and world politics. That’s Vatican.

The foundation

The foundation is Sun worship and luciferianism. Which means satanic worship on the inside and masked sun worship on the outside. Of course they took on the theme of Christianity. Because that’s the only teaching that’s from God. Why didn’t they take Hinduism or any other religion? Because those too are fake. They went for the real deal. To present themselves as such.

Spreading of faith increased in the Roman empire so they decided to counter it by inventing a way to keep the temples and power and lure in Christians. That’s how we got a foundation of the RCC that was formed gradually over a few centuries. Because not everyone fell for it, but they were quickly killed. Rome still kept all it’s power and influence through the newly formed churches and the political structure behind them.

You can read a bit more about it here.

Previous pagan temples had been supported from the treasury. Now that the Christianity is rising, they are in danger of stop existing. So they just switched gods and idols with saints and kept going. Every false god got a saint name. In many cases they didn’t even change the images, but still kept the old ones.

Further back into history, this system has originated in Babylon, and transferred to Egypt, Greece and Rome eventually. You can understand more clearly if you read the book of Daniel (the statue) and Revelations. Both speaking about this system. Starts from the head and so on…

In many sources you can find out exactly how and when certain things were imported and how Romans were impressed by Babylon.

Connection to the pagan cults is evident

Clear continuation of the Babylon the Great system.

Some of the evil deeds

One of the most known evils of the Roman Catholic Church in modern times would be the making of Hitler and his Nazi party. He was brought into power by the Bavarian Catholic Circles who funneled money to his party given to him by Rome. So it was a semi-covered operation. It is no secret that Hitler also was a Catholic himself and that he was called the perfect Catholic by various members of that “church”.

Same people who made those, made the SS later on and founded it on the Jesuit principles. That is, the famous Catholic military order. Their secret service.

In the Balkans they had made fascists of Croatia and their concentration camps. Including the only children’s concentration death camp in recorded history. You read that right. The children’s death camp in Croatia. What’s even more troubling is that one of the main priests running the show was proclaimed a saint by Rome recently. Cardinal Stepinac.

This guy
Stepinac and leading fascists doing fascist stuff

Pavelic with Franciscan monks. Who often led and instigated mass executions, pillaged, burned homes and rounded up civilians for slaughter at their concetration camps.

Things Roman Catholic saints do

Meanwhile in Germany Catholic church does the same thing. Because their real face has always been fascism pushing the world domination agenda. This is just from one period in recent history that we will focus on mostly in this article. Although, other ones have been mentioned in some other articles. Roman Catholic Church simply did so many evil things that it has to be covered in waves.

Priests giving the Hitler salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neukölln stadium in August 1933


RCC nazis
Catholic church supports the Nazi party throughout their conquest and Hitler expresses his Catholic support to all of his subjects.
Pontifex and Hitler. Servant and his master
Hitler (one of the best Catholics according to the RCC) comes out if the Catholic church

Ruling over religions

Now as it’s goal to rule the world incudes politics it also includes religion. Rome has persecuted anyone who refuses to give tribute to their emperor and recognize him as god. In the old days Rome gathered all religions and cults and made them acknowledge the godhood of their leader.

Christian persecution started just because of that. Christians are not serving any other gods but one true God. So they had to be dealt with in two ways.

  1. Kill everyone that doesn’t agree with us.
  2. Make an official church they can go to that will acknowledge the Pontifex as god.

It basically is that simple. The protestants or reformers were so much sidetracked that they’ve just became a bunch of liberals and cults that are even more lost than the Catholics. That was the goal of the newly formed Jesuit order. To combat protestants by any means necessary.

Which brings us to the ecumenical movement that basically puts the churches and religions under the pope again.

Leaders of various religions of the world came to bow to their emperor who is in charge of world religion.

What about the fish hats?

It is the cult of Dagon or Tammuz, a Babylonian thing again. Romans believed that adoption of these things will give them power. It actually did, but it’s the power from Satan. It is the story of the father, mother, child cult of antichrist worship set up by Satan. Tammuz is believed to be a resurrected Nimrod the Sun god, so he was worshipped as his father. Semiramis, the mother, was also called Easter, Ishtar and so on.

Queen of heaven in different versions


Dragon priests sprinkle “holy” water and wear same hats
Dagon priests sprinkle water as well as depicted on this stone carving. They were also referred to as “father”.

Priests of Dagon cult

So they wear the same hats, then same sprinkling of holy water, referred to as “father” and worship the antichrist. You remember why? Because they just switched to the marriage of paganism and Christianity under the Emperor Constantine who came up with this idea. Monopoly on temples were kept, power kept, Christians deceived.


Get out of her

It isn’t a Christian system, far from it. It actually the quite opposite. So get out of her and do not share in her sin and receive of her plagues. As it’s said in – Revelations 18:4

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