Sabbath and beliefs

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Let’s get it straight. The belief in something and knowing something is true are different things. It’s not what you believe, but it’s how it really is and THEN you believe and rely on it as the only truth you put your trust in. As the absolute truth.


The Absolute Truth

So what is the truth, the absolute one?! We remember how the Pontius Pilate asked the Lord God: “What is truth?”  in John 18:38 for example. The absolute truth is God. Maker and holder of everything, and our saviour and life. SO if you know that for example you won’t believe in false gods and idols just because you think or believe them to be the truth. Instead, you will find the truth, get to know it, and THEN place your complete trust as is the right way to do in the real facts and learn to discern lies. That is, among other things, the process of baptism itself. Your heart is in the right place, mind is in the right place and then you decide. That’s how it’s done, and that’s what matters.

False Sabbath beliefs

Now a days, as well as in the past, people will believe almost anything. Everyone is saying how you should find your own truth, get something to believe in, or even yourself and so on. Then people go on believing in nature, idols, cults, things, and other people… all of which is created. Not the CREATOR. In that way you can look at the white believing it is black and you will say that it is your belief, or day to be the night… Which is also a basis for brainwashing. That’s why the real truth delivers, and frees. Instead of a lie, that enslaves.

There are many times when lie is even forced upon and force-fed down peoples throats. To make them obey and believe in it. Same thing throughout the ages with the Sabbath. Roman Catholic church was very eager to uproot the keeping of the Sabbath so they can implement their own “holy” Sun worship day they inherited from Babylon/Babel system. To the point of killing people, and destroying whole communities because of it. For the sake of suppressing the truth.

Not only that, but they went even further, to deceive lie, and infiltrate bogus information within the church. To pretend and lead those they need to lead astray to accept and practice their paganism they’ve implemented though trickery. Which brings us to…

Emperor Constantine of Rome

Yeah, this man is the architect behind it. Probably not only him, but he is the poster boy for it definitely. Pagan Emperor who had the idea of merging paganism and Scripture to te able to retain his position and that of the Roman Empire, but to weak the Christian discipleship wave as much as possible at the same time. Pretty evil I know.


Here’s how in general. The true Sabbath has been replaced by Roman occultists under the emperor Constantine the Great. He made a “marriage” of paganism and Christian teaching. Or at least that was the idea. Since that kind of fusion is impossible in reality, but only an appearance of it. God commands one thing, and that is without change or discussion. Simply can’t be edited or changed. Pagans however like you to think it can, so they made all kinds of weird ways to convince you to believe this.

What really happened?

All the way up to 7th of March 325. AD the disciples of Jesus kept the Sabbath that is called Saturday in English speaking world, although it’s called Sabbath in many other languages and it’s a common name for that particular day of the week. So they all kept the real Sabbath the one God gave and commanded, and then the Pope Constantine issues the law. He orders all Christians to keep not the Sabbath but to switch to the next day, which is the day of the Sun. Sun-day.

The day on which pagans worship the Sun god, otherwise known as Satan/Baal/Shamash and so on. That was the first step.

Believers still kept the Sabbath and tried to obey the fourth commandment in Exodus 20:7-11

The pressure mounted, and the persecution started. It culminated 11 years later when another law was passed, FORBIDDING the keeping of the Sabbath and enforcing the Sun-day worship. Which is also a holy day in Babylon by the way where Roman system stems from. The keeping of the Sabbath became punishable by death now, and many people would be martyred and persecuted by the Catholic Church in the years to come. Usually by being burned to death.

It was done as an excuse to not have anything “with the detestable Jewish crowd” – Eusebius, The Life of Constantine, book 3, chapter 8.

Keep in mind and know that the Christians were also called Jews at this time, and the whole thing was a PR stunt to further the satanic agenda. At this point we need to remember and mention that God hates mixing with paganism. Which is what the Catholic Church did. As He commands in 2 Corinthians 6:14

The Aftermath

Empire gets divided and so on and so on, the Roman Catholic Church continues it’s blood thirsty rampage throughout Europe and Mediterranean adding to the body count by the day. Creating new ways of torturing people and killing them, expanding further into Europe. IMPOSING the Sun-day (the venerable day of the Sun) onto the newly converted tribes of Northern Europe, Central and Eastern. Over time the reformation still kept that as many other things and all the way until today where people you meet tell you… that they believe that Sunday is the Sabbath. So called theologians. People who went 5-6 years to university, and yet they can’t make a difference between two different days of the week…

But that’s a topic for another article… For now, take a look at all the languages that have kept the name of the Sabbath within the week. (not necessarily keeping it).

There’s even more than this if you do the research, and see all the languages calling this day as it is. The Sabbath.

IMPORTANT TO MENTION: This isn’t in any way meant to promote some movements formed around this one thing. Such is the SDA cult ( Seventh Day Adventists). They have some false teachings and practices. Although they focus on this thing and formed a whole cult around it, they’re still wrong. They believe in so called “soul sleeping” and being vegetarians, and that they have to pretend they live like before the flood and so on. Just rubbish, pure and simple. Don’t go for that, have nothing to do with that.

Also, some would say that this is for Jews only, but it’s not what God say. It’s not what we have in the Bible, but what they say. There’s a big difference. The Lord Jesus says that the Sabbath is made for the WHOLE MANKIND. Mark 2:27

So there’s your answer.

But let’s once more see what the Roman Catholic church has to say about this:

Of course…


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