What would a Christian state look like

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This is a question that sits in the back of our minds very often. What would it take to make a real Christian state?! Yet, we can be discouraged to give it further thought. Mostly because it seems too fictional, and impossible to achieve.
Firstly, the verse that comes to mind is that the whole world wondered after the beast. So why bother, right?
Other parts that are written about the Antichrist system taking over the world, and going on till’ the last day as well. Until Yeshua the Messiah smashes it and its armies and cities into dust basically.


Nevertheless, we can still strive towards making it happen. That the nations we live in become Messianic lands, and completely turn to God. Laws changed and everything. Basically, the Bible is the highest written authority in such a country. Constitution, laws and culture would stem out from it.

Highest living authority would of course be God in such a state. Beneath would be the rulers, and authorities. People of the land would be believers. Strangers would have to follow and obey the laws of the land, which are the laws of God. Based on the Holy Scripture, guided by the Holy Spirit.
People and the government would have to be in complete commitment and submission to the Messiah Yeshua.


There is no separation of state and faith. Not to say church as such. Because what is already known is how the church was made to be separated from the government. So one part is supposedly godly, and what governs the other? Godlessness? Any thief and criminal can join in? Any possessed Satanist can come and run the nation? Where are we headed then?

Christian, Messianic state is governed by the Messianic Faith in Yeshua from Nazareth. The Word of God. The saviour. 

There would be believers that are gathering in their groups. Congregations. Churches such as denominations would be illegal. Because they’re against God. Are you all from Messiah Yeshua? Baptised in the name of God, Lord Yeshua? Listening to God and his Messiah? Then that’s your direction, and that’s who you follow. Denominations and splitting forbidden. This is what the concept would be.


Of course nothing would be done without the opposing side. Especially in serving God. You can count on it. Country that would do this would be faced with a huge backlash from the world. Denominations, secret societies, international diplomatic relations… Even foreign political mercenaries like NGOs.

It’s perfectly fine (for the world) if you have a Buddhist or an Islamic country for example. However, you can’t get a Christian one without all the world joining against you. That’s a fact.
Secret Babylon societies would be forbidden. Whipping, banishment or death penalty. Same with other paganism and ungodly teaching. Overseers​ would be tasked to examine and question suspicious people, with helpers and administration.
People themselves would be on a lookout and bring the troublemakers before courts. Protecting their society and nation.

There would be places for helping those that are tormented with various things. With therapy, mental health counseling, visits, outreaches and so on. All according to the faith in God of Israel.

This is when Adam and Eve became “liberals” and “democratic”. Their own will, their way… look where it got us.
When it fails, blame shifting starts…


Options are therapy, banishment or death. Simply because there’s not much else to do. God commands how things should be done, and those that are enemies have no business among us. Pray for them, help them change trough the Way of Yeshua the Messiah. Or put them out. That’s how it would be done. Liberalism and humanism you can forget about. It’s God’s law or nothing.

It’s the subtle techniques of gradual evil that are the worst and the most powerful tool of Satan. 

Why would we keep those that are a danger to our lands with us? If something is destroying your crops, you get rid of it from the field. Same within a Christian state.


Simple here also. No trade and commercial that promotes bad morals would be allowed. TV shows, reality shows and similar would be examined for message and morals. None of the magic, pagan, lascivious, drunken, drug influence and so on. Simply everything God isn’t, doesn’t go.
Drug dealers, robbers and criminals get a trial. Or go to the working therapy where they will be kept off of bad influence with strict discipline. Families pay the cost of upkeep and feeding. If families can’t pay. Offender works it off as a debt.

Fashion would be in line with God. Whoring and shameful presence forbidden. Youth caught in acts of harm would be beaten, put in discipline or banishment. Good kids would be growing in faith, science, army, security, farming, business and so on.
Marriage according to Holy Scripture. Gynecologist report prior.
Families would be helped in order to have many children. To raise, and feed them.

Difficulty would have to be encountered, but it’s the faith and striving to please God that would be the main national force and direction. 


Of course, the main overlooked thing about our faith and the Messiah Yeshua is the Israel and Jewishness. We already know about the conspiracy of Rome/Babylon the Great to undermine it anyway they can. So they’ve built a whole religion and its denominations within just to try and erase this and confuse you.
To make you crazy of all the stuff around you. Overwhelmingly diverse, something for everyone. Just don’t go on about Jewishness and Israel.

It’s what God said it’s the wide road, something for everyone. Leading to fire and death. So naturally, a Christian state should be within the will of God. Meaning grafted in the olive tree. Hebrew studying, feasts and celebrating the Messiah Yeshua as part of Jews and Israel.

Remember, you’re grafted in. Don’t become arrogant and think yourself better than what God chose. Or else you’re cut out and replaced. Don’t think it’s hard to be done. 

This is where the grafted in concept is found before the New Covenant
Grafted in is a very clear fact and the most fought against.
Your root is Jewish.


Those that wouldn’t want to follow this life would be escorted out and then they can go wherever they please. They’d be informed and talked to about the Salvation and God. So they know and are able to decide. People that would still rebel against it would be escorted out of the state. Beyond the borders of the land. Refusing to do so would result in the authorities getting rid of them, by the sword or stoning.

The evil influence would be spread in the case you let the enemies of God do whatever they please. We know that Yeshua said who isn’t sinful cast the first stone. What he was referring to and backed by what he wrote on the ground (in the context) is that they themselves shouldn’t be spared in that case. Equal law for everyone.

People would control the running of the government, and government of the people together controlled by God. Democracy, meaning anyone can have their own will and religion or practices is something you can forget about. Lust brings Satan in, and chaos is lust for various things.

They are taking over if not stopped by the authorities
Many false prophets will claim to have spoken to angel Gabriel
No wolves allowed among the sheep of the Messiah Yeshua!


So you accuse a criminal, you wanna do the punishment, while you yourself are a hypocrite who should get the same punishment. Refusing to repent and come to the Adonai. God. So what the woman did is repented and listened to Yeshua Messiah. Other people obeyed and dispersed. Repentance or teshuvah is a huge part of healing, and it would be a prominent thing in a Christian state.

Sinning on purpose, and lying to get away with it. Thinking they’re fools for believing you and letting you go. Would result in such a person being put to the sword.

Blowing the horn (shofar) is the calling for people to turn back to the Lord. To do a teshuvah. 


Naturally there’s even greater detail in addressing this topic. Although we can already see it clearly, that this would be huge and hard work. Question is: How many people would follow it? Even how many of those following God would still remain faithful?
We know what happens with Israel all the time. Get’s back to God, messes up, then comes back again.

I think that’s why one of the reasons is the complete need for the rule of God personally when the Messiah Yeshua comes to judge and deliver us. This time (being left to do whatever people will) of Satan’s rule over minds of people is the great enemy of believers coming together in faith in the Messiah, the Almighty God in the flesh, and setting up their own state that obeys HIM totally.

However, we know that nothing is impossible with God, and that if he allows then he will enable such a state to be set up anywhere. Maybe just for a season in between this time and the Judgement day. So it is possible. Don’t let the fear and the adversary stop you from trying.

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